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Convict name: Baker, George.

Convicted at Court Martial Chatham for a term of 14 years on 14 September 1850.

vessel: William Jardine

date_of_departure: 30 April 1852.

place_of_arrival: Western Australia.

Microfilm Roll 92, Class and Piece Number HO11/17, Page Number 460

George Baker, one of 212 convicts transported on the William Jardine, 30 April 1852.

Canberra [A.C.T.] :Australian Joint Copying Project,[1948-1990]

This record is one of the entries in the British convict transportation registers 1787-1867 database compiled by State Library of Queensland from British Home Office (HO) records which are available on microfilm as part of the Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP).

topical_subject_heading: Convicts--Australia--Registers.

neographic_subject_heading: Australia--Genealogy.

: australia-genealogy

Connected with Baker, George.

Baker, Thomas.

Convicted at Leicester. Leicester Quarter Sessions for a term of 7 years on 16 October 1848.
Transported by Lady Montagu (31 July 1852.).

Foskett, Charles.

Convicted at Bedford Quarter Sessions for a term of 7 years on 01 January 1850.
Transported by Oriental Queen (23 October 1852.).

G. G.--(George Green)

Convicted at Wilts Assizes at New Sarum for a term of 10 years on 01 March 1849.
Transported by Equestrian (27 August 1852.).

Gardner, Isabella.

Convicted at Scotland, Edinburgh Court of Justiciary for a term of 7 years on 10 November 1851.
Transported by Sir Robert Sippings [Seppings] (17 March 1852.).

Hopkins, Rees.

Convicted at Glamorgan Assizes in Swansea for a term of 7 years on 02 March 1850. PW [?].
Transported by St Vincent (28 December 1852.).

Hurst, Edwin Thomas.

Convicted at Kent Assizes at Maidstone for a term of 10 years on 23 July 1849. T.L.
Transported by Dudbrook (17 November 1852.).

Male, Enos.

Convicted at Somerset Assizes at Taunton for a term of 10 years on 01 April 1851.
Transported by William Jardine (30 April 1852.).

Marshall, William.

Convicted at York Assizes at York for a term of 10 years on 08 March 1851.
Transported by Dudbrook (17 November 1852.).

Murphy, John.

Convicted at West Canada, Kingston Court Martial for a term of 14 years on 09 January 1844. Died on voyage 12 November 1844.
Transported by William Jardine (10 August 1844.).

Wyatt, Mary.

Convicted at Somerset Bridgewater Quarter Sessions for a term of 7 years on 29 June 1852.
Transported by Duchess of Northumberland (25 November 1852.).

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